Wobble Head Jigs $4.50

-2/pack      5/16, 7/16, 5/8 oz- Green Pumpkin Only

Flappy Craw     $4.50

-3.5"    -8/bag

Fast Craw        $4.50

-3.75"    -6/bag

Bone Pile Baits Decal $3.00 -2.5" x 3.5"

Contact Us for  custom pricing information or find more information on how to order click HERE!

"The Don"       $4.50

-5.5" Long   8/bag

Bone Pile Packs  $2​​.50!!!

-Made from 90% Recycled Plastic!

​-Limited availability, Contact Us for a list of available colors.  All bait packs are same quantity as new.

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Bear Claw                 $4.50

-4" 6/bag      -3 1/2" 8/bag

Leo Bug           $4.50

-3 1/2" Long   8/bag


Bone Pile Baits Tee $16.00 -M, L, XL, XXL


Contact Us with any custom request you may have.  Custom orders will be quoted special, just for you!

Quality Hand Made and Recycled Lures

We started by turning the Bone Pile into recycled plastic lures. Now we offer hand poured and injected baits out of new and recycled plastic along with an outstanding line of accessories.

Finesse Worm    $4.50

-6"        -10/bag

Splinter Jerk  $4.50

-5"    -8/bag

​-Pearl, Smoke, any single color by request

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